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Full Service Design

As an Interior Designer, my goal is that the potential for your home to be spectacular comes to fruition. It is my job to transform your space from what was to what it can be. I want you to love your home, love your space and live your best life in it. That takes the expertise of a professional. I bring years of experience, education, constant learning and improvement to each and every design that I do. I strive to give each client my best.


There are so many details that go into a great design. You must consider the space: who lives in it, who visits, how it's used. Are their pets or children and grandchildren to consider? Do you need a home office space? Do you like to cook or mostly eat out?


My job as a designer is to make your spaces not only beautiful, but also functional.


Design is best when every detail can work together for the improvement of the entire space. That is why we only offer full service design. We have found in our experience that transformations can only occur when we have the ability to adjust and consider every element in a room.


Not limited to furnishings only, for construction projects, we collaborate with architects, contractors, and other tradespeople on space design, material selections, and project management, until the final pieces are put into place.


Every design journey is different depending on the client and the scope of the project. What doesn't change is that I get to know you, the client, first. Beginning with a discovery call, we establish the scope of work and get an idea of your likes and dislikes ideally. This includes diving deeper into your desires and needs for the space. I like to have you look at textiles and get to know what you are drawn to or not. With construction projects, a trip to the slab yard is a must. I like to see in person what you are drawn to in terms of colors or movement in countertop stone or materials.


Once the scope of the project is determined and I have a good idea of your tastes and needs, I create a mood board for approval. I like to make sure that we are on the same page for the space.


Next, we present a full design plan, including renderings, specifics of furnishings or materials and pricing. We handle the procurement and storage of all items and manage construction needs before the final space is revealed on installation day.

Distance Design

For clients located outside of the Coachella Valley, we offer distance design services for everything from renovation to full furnishings. I follow the same full service design plan as if you lived locally near me. I am able to make design presentations and organize your project with as much care and consideration as if you were just next door.


Thanks in part to our design software, our remote projects are handled much in the same way as our local clients. Meetings take place both virtually and in person. Our distance clients have the same access to our approval processes, invoices, and email updates for an organized and timely design experience. I coordinate with the appropriate vendors in your area to make sure that you have the same seamless white glove experience that I promise to those that are local clients.


If you are interested in working with us, schedule a  consultation to discuss your project and hear more about what we can do.

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Project Two

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Bathroom Remodel Two

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