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What a month May is turning into

It's almost the end of May. Many of our seasonal residents and my clients are leaving for their summer adventures. We definitely live and run by our own schedule around here.

I'm honored that park21 design has been awarded LuxeLife's Best Residential Interior Design Studio Southern California as well as their Contemporary Interior Excellence Award. I'm so happy to be recognized for the work that I do. I am proud to be amongst the fellow nominees and super proud that my work is being seen by so many and is so highly regarded. I was also seen in Architectural Digest Poland for a project that I did. It's fun to know that my work is touching so many beyond just the clients that I serve. I know that this will be a quiet announcement as people have moved on for the summer. Still fun to put out there to the universe that we are an "award winning" design studio.

I was in LA over the weekend for dinner with friends and decided to hit up the inaugural Design Miami LA beforehand and am so glad I did. As an art and design lover, it was definitely a hot ticket! It was a great mixture of great architecture at a private estate in the Hombley Hills neighborhood done by the esteemed Paul Williams and also a great introduction to new galleries and artists. I was so happy to see my friend and artist HV Limon and his piece that was included in the exhibition. I only wished I had another day where I could walk through again vs just the one day I attended. Next year I will plan for two days for sure. I highly recommend it if you're in the LA area to check it out next year. I have a feeling they will do very well. It was very well done and the transportation and execution of it made it a breeze.

I have lots of fun projects that I'm working on. I'm hoping that some of them will turn in to photographs so you can follow along on this journey with me. There is definitely a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes while clients are away. It's my job to make sure they stay on track and I'll do my best to take you along for the ride. Cheers!


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