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How High To Hang Kitchen And Dining Room Lights

You can search the internet and find that kitchen lights should be hung 30-36″ over your island or counter. For me personally, I like to stray from this for a variety of reasons. First, my husband is tall and as a result, I don’t want him hitting his head every time he leans over the table to place an item on it. In addition, I don’t like the glare that can come from sitting under the light fixture or at an angle from it. While the “standard” definitely gives you a jumping off point, it’s also good to go beyond that.

Hang the light at the standard height range first. Move the light up and down from there. Even a few inches above or below can make a huge difference. What are the specifics of your room or arrangement? Do you have any artwork on the walls? How high are your ceilings? Do you have windows or a view that you don’t want to block?

So much of design for me is more about a feeling and how it looks overall in the space. Further, there are definitely nuances and preferences in interior design. Moral of the story for me is to go with your gut. Lastly, when in doubt, hire an expert.


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