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What Size Art To Buy

I find what gets people stuck with art is the size of art to buy. Don’t forget that some of the smaller pieces that you may really fall in love with can also work. The art doesn’t have to necessarily match the size of the walls.

I’m a big fan of using smaller pieces throughout a space. For me personally, sometimes I feel like the really large pieces accentuate that a wall is large and it makes the space feel grander. There is definitely a time and a place for that.

In our desert homes where the spaces are primarily quite grand to begin with, I like to use smaller pieces of art to ground the room. By putting a few pieces together, it gives the illusion of a larger piece of art. It also helps bring the eye down from the ceiling to make the room feel cozier. It can also help you define one space from another. This is especially helpful in our large great rooms/living rooms where maybe you have more than one seating area.

Go out and find the art that you love. If it’s small, try to find some other small pieces that you can put it with. Put it in on your walls if it brings you joy. Art is meant to be seen and enjoyed.


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