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A Weekend in Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville North Carolina you didn’t disappoint.

I went to Asheville and the state of North Carolina for the first time ever in April. I spent a night in Charlotte visiting a friend and then went on to Asheville for a few days with other friends. What a treat it was.

The Food Scene –

I didn’t get to the hikes I had planned on doing… I did eat my way through the town. There was so much good food to be had and we didn’t even scratch the surface. I highly recommend Biscuit Head for breakfast, lunch, or brunch. It is 100% worth the wait in line as they don’t take reservations. We tried the grits with pimento… The jam bar was impressive… The cat head sized biscuits were amazing. I could go on and on.

We also had two great dinners at Curate and their restaurants. We did both their bar de tapas as well as La Bodega. Our first night, we did a chefs tasting menu and paired it with wine. Our waiter from Argentina was fantastic and very knowledgeable about our wine and food pairings. We all felt like we tried things we wouldn’t necessarily have tried otherwise. It was a treat. We went to the tapas restaurant the next night. We all ordered different things and ate way less than we did the night before. It was definitely worth it. We were celebrating having met 25 years prior during our study abroad programs in Spain so Spanish meals needed to be part of the weekend. The Biltmore Estate –

A trip to Asheville would not be complete for an Interior Designer like myself without a trip to the Biltmore. We did the audio tour and it was the perfect amount of information. It was not too much or too little. It was just right. The grounds are beautiful as are the gardens. The beautiful estate, tapestries, wallpaper, furnishings, etc. It was a design lovers dream to be there. Apparently it’s a good thing to go at different times of the year so you can see the different flowers in bloom in the garden. Thanks for the tip couple in line at Biscuit Head. I really loved seeing how they furnished the grand rooms of the estate. I have always felt that bigger is not always better in terms of furniture. There is something to be said about having a grand room divided into smaller sections where there can be seating for 3-4 people vs having a sofa that looks like it’s meant to seat 20. Mario Buatta, for instance, who I have followed and admired, was a huge fan of this as well. He designed rooms to have seating sections for 3-4 that were great for parties and entertaining or for the families that occupied the homes.

I also loved seeing the kitchen and laundry room at the Biltmore. I am doing two renovation projects this summer that involve laundry rooms. In both of them, I am incorporating drying racks in the cabinetry to save valued space. This was something that they did back in 1895 at the Biltmore. There are rows of drying racks where they dried everything from sheets and linens to clothing and they could be tucked back in when they were done. It’s fun to see through history items that have stood the test of time and can be useful even today. No more drying racks that take up space that can be limited. We can hide it in the cabinetry… It worked in 1895… There is so much more beauty to be seen in the blue ridge mountains. We didn’t get to the hikes that we had planned. We spent too much time gabbing and catching up. I’ll happily go back another time to see the different flowers at the Biltmore gardens as well as the estate again. I’ll say I’d love to try some different restaurants and cuisine. That remains to be seen. I’m pretty fond of the 3 we found the first time.


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